So, who’s using Blab?

It’s being hailed as the next big thing on Social Media. Blab ( ) is a live-casting video platform, which allows you to broadcast interviews, host discussions, provide online coaching sessions, etc. to an audience.

Anyone can watch live Blabs or replays without joining the service, but in order to participate in a Blab, you need to sign up. This is easy to do – simply click the sign up button on the website, or you can use your Twitter account, in which case your Blab username will be the same as your Twitter username, and your Blab profile will pull information from your Twitter profile.

As with all social media, attracting followers and encouraging sharing are key to hosting a successful Blab. You can also use tags to help people find Blabs that may be of interest to them. While Blab is still very new, wily marketers will be quick to spot the opportunity to promote products and services. My prediction is that it won’t be long before the name is as familiar to us as Twitter and Facebook.

For more information on how to use Blab, click here.

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