Predictions for 2016

What better time for a bit of crystal ball gazing than the start of a brand new year? So here goes …

  1. Listening to, and reading about, people’s new year resolutions gives one a feeling that our hectic, technology driven lifestyle is exacting a heavy toll on many people. Resolutions we’re hearing include, “More time to myself,” along with “Spending more time with family … learning to just breathe and let it be … keeping calm … taking time to appreciate the little things in life … learning to enjoy small pleasures, loosen up and have fun.” Could 2016 be the year we fall out of love with social media? When we spend less time tweeting, updating our Facebook status and publishing selfies, and start reconnecting to the people around us in a more personal and meaningful way? I certainly hope so!
  2. There’ll be a further migration from desktop browsing to mobile devices to access the internet. We’re going to do more online shopping via phone, more banking via phone, more sharing and connecting.
  3. So in terms of web design, I believe we’ll see a growth in one-page websites, especially for small businesses and services. Why create ten pages when you can put all content vertically on a single page that’s easy to scroll and read on a small screen?
  4. Also on web design, other gurus predict greater use of impactful images, original illustrations and bold colour – and hopefully finally a move away from boring standardised templates which leave you with a website that looks just like everyone else’s.
  5. No matter what the new year brings, audiences will continue to respond to great stories – whether told on websites, on air or on social media. People will buy products and services for the same reasons that have motivated them since the dawn of time.

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