Build your own website in 10 minutes … or not!

Ever noticed those sites on the Internet that offer free websites which, they say, you can build yourself in ten minutes or so?

The concept is great. They give you the templates and tools you need to (theoretically) get a website up and running in the shortest possible time, without the need for any coding knowledge. Then, if you want it hosted at your company domain, they’ll do that for you for a nominal hosting fee.

Only snag is, it’s not that easy to build a website.

Even if you have experience and a working knowledge of HTML and CSS, it still takes a lot of time to learn the templates and how they work, to properly size and position your images, and then – you want to change some small part of the template or add another panel or column, and you discover it’s pretty well impossible!

Unless your website is very basic and you’re happy to follow the template offered without making any changes … and if you you have plenty of spare time on your hands and a lot of patience, you’re better off leaving the building of a website to those who know what they’re doing.

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